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From overdose prevention to needle exchange and access to treatment, these documentary style works focus on how harm reduction is changing the lives of drug users in communities across the country.

If you are interested in developing media to support the work of your harm reduction or health-related organization, contact ghildebranfilms@gmail.com for a free consultation for your organization.

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Health and Hope (2009)

Shot on location in New Mexico’s prisons and jails, this short documentary series documents the struggles of those facing the challenges of addiction, Hepatitis C and incarceration. Told through the stories of currently and formerly incarcerated people across the state, these videos are designed to create honest dialogue and introduce effective treatment options for opiate addiction and Hepatitis C. The participants in the video share their own stories of addiction and recovery, and offer a message of hope.

Made for the University of New Mexico’s ECHO Program, these videos are currently being shown in correctional facilities, drop in centers and through service providers in New Mexico.

Project Lazarus (2009)

An excerpt from a documentary that educates prescription drug users and their families about safe opiate use, focusing on how to prevent, recognize and respond to an opiate overdose. Families that have lost loved ones to overdose share their personal stories, and patients are shown how to use naloxone, a medicine that saves lives from overdose.

Made for Project Lazarus, this video is shown to patients receiving pain medications in doctor’s offices, pain clinics and pharmacies across Wilkes County, North Carolina. To watch the full video, go to www.projectlazarus.org/video

The Risks of the Job: Protecting Law Enforcement From Needlestick Injury (2008)

Made in collaboration with the Los Angeles Police Department, this short educational documentary explains how officers can reduce the risk of infection by needle sticks on the job. LAPD officers visit a Needle Exchange on their beat and explore the ways that Needle Exchange Programs help keep law enforcement officers and their communities safer.

Made for the California Department of Health, this short video has been used by public health departments and service providers and exchanges across the country to develop positive relationships with law enforcement in their communities.

A Fundamental Service (2008)

The Disease Prevention Demonstration Project (DPDP) made over-the-counter pharmacy syringe sales legal in California in 2004. However, many communities and individual pharmacists still have not approved of or enrolled in the program. This short documentary focuses on the role of pharmacists in public health and disease prevention. Participating pharmacists and public health officials explain how to enroll in the DPDP program, while addressing concerns that many pharmacists may have about offering this service to their clientele.

Made for the California Department of Health, this short video has been effective in bringing CAlifornia pharmacists into the conversation about syringe access and disease prevention.

Worth Saving (2004) co-directed by Gretchen Hildebran and Leah Wolchok

Overdose is the leading cause of death for the 15,000 injection drug users in San Francisco. The majority of these deaths are preventable. This compassionate short video follows two drug users through a groundbreaking program that teaches the signs of drug overdose, and the basic CPR needed to save lives. DOPE (Drug Overdose Prevention and Training) works in needle exchanges, shelters and SRO hotels, taking the bold step of prescribing the opiate antidote Narcan (naloxone – usually only carried by paramedics) directly to drug users.

Worth Saving was featured in HBO’s 2004 Frame by Frame documentary series and received Film Festival First Place Prize at the International Conference for Reducing Drug-Related Harm, Vancouver 2006

Most of these videos are available on DVD for $20.  To order a copy, contact ghildebranfilms@gmail.com


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  1. Gretchen thank you for your amazing work.

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