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This morning we launched a 30-day campaign to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter! Be a part of getting Decade Of Fire made:


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Decade of Fire

How the South Bronx Was Burned

A Feature Documentary by Vivian Vazquez, Gretchen Hildebran and Julia Allen

In the 1970s, when Vivian Vazquez was growing up in the South Bronx, she never thought of her neighborhood as a slum.  It was her world and she loved it.  But by the time she was 18, the South Bronx she had known was gone.  In ten years, fires had destroyed almost all the houses where Vivian lived and almost half a million people had fled.  People never knew who’s building would be next.  By the time Vivian left, her street looked like a war zone – burnt out shells of buildings and empty lots piled with rubble.

Decade of Fire is a film about what happened to Vivian’s neighborhood and those who survived the destruction of their South Bronx communities.   30 years later, Vivian returns to her old neighborhood looking for answers: Why did the Bronx burn?  Who let the fires rage on for so long?  And what happened to those who were left behind?


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Harm Reduction Documentaries   Leave a comment

Since 2000 I’ve been working with diverse communities making videos about overdose prevention, needle exchange, addiction treatment, HIV and Hepatitis C prevention and other harm reduction practices. These videos were produced for clients such as the California Department of Health, the New Mexico Department of Public Health, Project Lazarus, the Haight-Ashbury Youth Outreach among others. Check back here soon to watch the videos online.


If you’re new to harm reduction, check out the videos on my harm reduction page (soon to be online) to see how this once-underground public health field is saving lives and changing our society’s approach to drugs and drug users. You can also visit the Harm Reduction Coalition to find out more about the ideas behind harm reduction.

If you work in harm reduction, please use any of these videos to support your work.  If you have time, contact me to let me know what you think about the videos and whether or not they have been useful!

I’m also available for consultations on how video and online media can support the harm reduction work of your organization or agency. Contact me today.



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